Monday, April 03, 2006


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Strange reaction

For an overseas flight I had ladies’ stockings on my stumps which allowed me more space and a little ventilation inside the sockets of my legs than the normal stump stockings.

For a single male, purchasing the stockings the day before had been a wierd experience. As I took my power chair through the hosiery aisle, my space became more restriced by overhanging product. I saw the type of stockings that I was after, but it was out of my reach.

I asked a lady shopper to obtain a pack for me. She asked, “What size does your wife take?” She was more than a little puzzled when I said that they were for me. I am sure that she had visions of my being an aging cross-dresser. As she handed me the packet, she did so with averted eyes, and a hurried scamper to get out of my presence. However the checkout operator knew the stockings were for me, asking whether I was sure that I had gotten the right colour.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Life without legs

I had a quote given to me (source unknown, I suspect to protect the innocent) that sums up opportunities available to the limb challenged. It reads:

"You'd be surprised how many girls are turned on by a prosthetic leg".

The donor of the quote has one prosthetic leg, a big smile and a lot of determination. He has youth and opportunity on his side

I have two, and a beautiful wife who sees that I have no need to explore the vagaries of the female mind. I am truly blessed because Christie chooses in no way to categorise me as "disabled" or"helpless". I am just Larry.

Life is great, and adventures abound.