Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To Do Lists

It is a sure sign of Spring when my To Do list gets a little shorter ...and then suddenly gets bigger and bigger.
The air purifier is seviced - new lamp and igniter. It looks after 3000 sq ft and has again produced that comforting ozone flavour throughout our home and offices.
The porch overhead light bulb has been replaced - I give very good directions to Christie on the ladder.
The heater thermostat is back in operation. "What batteries?" (Since I come from a place where heaters are relatively unnecessary). The filter rattle that became obvious throughout the house has been fixed with a judicious application of duct tape - ironically used for almost the correct purpose for once.
My van wide angle rear view mirror froze off during heavy snow period- replaced with double-sided tape. (Good to see who is sneaking up on me when I am on the road.)
My electric wheelchair has had a hard winter with more than its share of snow and ice navigation. "Screep, screep, clunk, clunk, screep..." (You get the picture!) was the indication of a front wheel problem, a collapsed wheel bearing. With Murphy's Law in full swing, I didn't yet find a replacement. The solution (temporary) whilst not directly "duct tape or baling wire" was found in the hardware section of Lowes - 45 cents worth of washers and spacers. The chair is once again running silently with the repairs not obvious but very satisfying. My "low cost or no cost" mantra appears to be working.
You might think this activity has reduced my To Do List. However, dear Reader, it has merely provided space for more items. Yes, there is a ride-on lawnmower with hand controls... and our little red wagon would make a good trailer... Best reasons yet why I need a "cave".

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm Back!

Things that are easy to do (writing blogs) are just as easy not to do (ie not writing when life gets busy). I am now so-o busy that I seem to have the time to write again. Maybe I am older and wiser.
I have a manufacturing business (Badges and Buttons), several small MLM businesses, I work at being a Licensed Realtor, and I have an increasing number of coaching clients,both at a distance and "belly to belly - well, almost.

The current economic climate demands that I have to work harder/give more service for every dollar earned, so that when improvement occurs, I am ahead of the game. The choice is mine of whether to be happy or miserable - and I choose "happy" every time.

This drives some potential competitors crazy. "How can you (moan) be happy all the time?" First point - they don't see me ALL the time: secondly I give them my solution - "Make your chioce (and it requires ACTION)".The majority will still be making the same observations at year's end. A few, an encouraging number, by noting my attitude, request some of the same - they want to be near me hoping for a change in their lives by osmosis.
It does not have to fall to me to be the only beacon of inspiration. You can make your choice to be happy - you can inspire others. We all need you.