Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm Back!

Things that are easy to do (writing blogs) are just as easy not to do (ie not writing when life gets busy). I am now so-o busy that I seem to have the time to write again. Maybe I am older and wiser.
I have a manufacturing business (Badges and Buttons), several small MLM businesses, I work at being a Licensed Realtor, and I have an increasing number of coaching clients,both at a distance and "belly to belly - well, almost.

The current economic climate demands that I have to work harder/give more service for every dollar earned, so that when improvement occurs, I am ahead of the game. The choice is mine of whether to be happy or miserable - and I choose "happy" every time.

This drives some potential competitors crazy. "How can you (moan) be happy all the time?" First point - they don't see me ALL the time: secondly I give them my solution - "Make your chioce (and it requires ACTION)".The majority will still be making the same observations at year's end. A few, an encouraging number, by noting my attitude, request some of the same - they want to be near me hoping for a change in their lives by osmosis.
It does not have to fall to me to be the only beacon of inspiration. You can make your choice to be happy - you can inspire others. We all need you.

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