Saturday, January 06, 2007

Thoughts in a wheelchair in Snow

Snow falls. All is white and beautiful. Eventually all the roads are bladed. Drive way entrances are a great place to put the bladed snow What about the footpaths and cut-aways. One shovel width does not accommodate a wheel chair or scooter. Oh well, there's always the road, in amongst the cars.
What is traction? It's what you don't have when one wheel is in snow. With both drive wheels in snow or on ice it's called circles, at best, or stationary otherwise. But it is fun nevertheless. Beats being indoors, or 'confined' to home and hearth. Confined is in the mind
Lots of arm activity can produce warmth of body. Warmth leads to more action - a great way to feel goood. To me, snow is not a barrier, nor is cold, or, for that matter, nor is any other challenge in life. I don't need or want to be held back by excuses. There is so much to do, so much life to live. On with it...

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