Monday, May 04, 2009


I managed to get myself wet a couple of times over the last few days - the fact is, it was raining. Moving to and from my van is easier to accomplish if I am not encumbered by an umbrella, so I take the easy way out. After all, I can always drip dry. Some Laws of Physics come into play - something about evaporation and cooling. Anyway I managed to feel a little stuffy yesterday. Because of my general excellent health, I have been able to bound back today for a really exciting, funfilled day of work. I like what I do, I like the variety. It is very energizing - like the bunny.
Kevin and Cyril (pictured) get to play with me today in the Valley Fair Mall. Their antics are known to draw people to talk to the Realtor (me). People talk to furry animals in any language where they might normally avoid me in my scooter.

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