Friday, October 13, 2006


It has happened! I have made the move from subtropical Brisbane in coastal Queensland, Australia to the mountains of Utah, USA - well, to the flatter bits that make up the valley of the Great Salt Lake.

With the move I have been a bit slack as a blogger, tending to be the tourist for a while. I guess that I can use this excuse as my sea cargo has yet to catch up with me.

I have experienced many weather changes since my arrival - dusty gritty heat with low humidity and fires started by lightening, rain, sleet and snow, and a return to beautiful fall days, with overnight temperatures heading towards freezing, all this after leaving Brisbane on its one day of winter for the year.

Beauty is all around. Fall colors, especially in the mountain canyons are spectacular - I am still getting used to sitting in the right hand seat of the car where the steering wheel has been moved to the left!

The Utah light rail system, Trax, is a great asset. It is a high speed train and a city tram combined, with courteous drivers who make access a pleasure. With it and my trusty three-wheel scooter I can reach large areas of Salt Lake City and surrounds. A cell phone is my safety line. When I get carried away with my surroundings, or become lost in conversation with the friendly loacals, a message is sure to remind me that I have a schedule to maintain.

Traffic is still a surprise with its volume and speed. I sometimes feel that I have to negotiate my right to cross a street with the drivers, who may or may not make eye contact.

My Jabiru hat is becoming a trademark, even at night. I could have sold 100 of it between here, Arizona and Nevada so far on my sorties of exploration. I have been able to link up with an amputee support group in Salt Lake City (Amputees on the Move). The energy of the group is high and the promise of mutual support outstanding.

Learning Spanish, involvement with business groups, motivation seminars, road trips, regular exercise. So much to do!

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