Monday, December 18, 2006

Bring on the cool!

Who would have thought that an extreme dose of cool could be so much fun? No cold feet to worry about and lots of white stuff to play in.

I find that the scooter is a versatile vehicle in the snow that I am experiencing in SLC. New snow provides the challenge of bottoming-out (suspended with no traction) and drifts that have been meddled with by snow plows containing hidden icebergs of compacted snow provide excitement and noise. What fun getting from kerb to road - and back. Charge on!

Armed with a snow shovel on the scooter I become my own snow plow. All I have to do is get my hat and gloves on and get back in the sport before dark. Christie will be surprised at my ability - an will probably give me the job of keeping the driveway and paths clear for the whole of winter as well!

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